Macedonian Meal Box
Macedonian Meal Box
Macedonian Meal Box

Macedonian Meal Box

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Serves FOUR People
ONE 8" Zelnik of your choice
4 servings of soup
2 Mini Homemade Sourdough Boules
Creamy Feta Spread
Heating instructions included

What's a Zelnik?

Zelnik is a Macedonian pastry consisting of a variety of fillings encased in a flakey crust. That crust is the star of the show. The laminated dough is handmade using a proprietary blend of butter and oils. Then we delicately assemble the pies and bake them for over an hour. The is process is time consuming – but results in a crust that is of superior texture and flavor. We carry two varieties for the meal boxes. 

Baba's Original Zelnik is affectionately named after it's creator, as "Baba" means grandmother in Macedonian. Our family recipe contains eggs, cheese curds, feta cheese, and leeks.

Spiced Beef Zelnik is partially inspired by the flavors in moussaka, pastitsio, and another Macedonian creation - Cincinnati Chili. Contains beef, fire roasted tomatoes, feta cheese, and leeks. Contains nutmeg.