Shipping Bundles

Shipping Bundles

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Your package comes with two items of your choice. 

Your Zelnik will keep in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. If you are not ready to enjoy your Zelnik in the first few days of delivery, place contents in the freezer. Oven heating instructions are included for both refrigerated and frozen Zelnik.

Packages are shipped once per week from Columbus, OH. Your Zelnik will arrive within 2-4 days of shipment. For all details on shipping please click HERE.


The short answer is, we do not charge shipping costs at checkout like most other online retailers. The purpose is to be as transparent with the pricing as possible. You will notice that the price for your items is greater than that if you would have chosen to have them picked up in Columbus, OH. There's a good reason for that. The flat rate shipment container costs a fee of $20 no matter where it is sent in the continental USA. Additionally the dry ice may cost anywhere between $7-14 and the foam cooler insert is another $2. We subsidize part of these costs, and only pass a portion of them on to the consumer.